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eNewsletter April 2013

We all come in different shapes, colours and sizes… and so do products from Gough Plastics! Whether it's square like a Tuff-A- Box, round like a MegaTrough or conical like a Chemical Hopper, Gough Plastics creates products that are the perfect shape for you. We hope you enjoy this month's video segments where we take a serious look at Hybrid Toilet Systems and a not-so-serious look at our Round MegaTrough.

eNewsletter April 2013 - Round as a MegaTrough

Round as a MegaTrough

There are many things you can do with a Gough Plastics Round MegaTrough that you could never do with concrete. The Beach Boys have been singing about it for years ("Round, round, get a-round... I get a-round") but take a look at the video and see for yourself how easy it is to move and use!

eNewsletter April 2013 - Square like a Tuff-A-Box

Square like a Tuff-A-Box

With increasing numbers of tradespeople using their ute as a mobile office, it's important to keep supplies safe, secure and out of the weather. The Gough Plastics Tuff-A-Box offers lockable storage capacity from 64L to 1000L. These stackable storage systems have hinged lids, rubber seals and riveted handles, making them perfect for a mobile office or even better for camping and fishing! They can even double as a spare seat or table!

eNewsletter April 2013 - Size matters with the HTS

Size matters with the HTS

The Hybrid Toilet System is an award‐winning design which allows toilet facilities in remote areas without the need for water, power or sewerage connections. Each individual site must be assessed to ensure the right system is installed – there is no such thing as a generic sized unit. Elements such as frequency of use, fluctuations in use, potential growth in visitor numbers and even the temperature can play a role in determining the correct sized unit. Please click on the video link to learn more about Gough Plastics' Hybrid Toilet System.

eNewsletter April 2013 - The conical Chemical Hopper

The conical Chemical Hopper

Sometimes materials may have the same shape and size as another, but their inherent properties make them behave differently. At Gough Plastics, we design our materials handling products around these unique characteristics. Multiple inlets and outlets of various diameters can be built into the design, and a conical shape is one of many available for materials handling. Whatever you need to store, transport, decant or dispense, we can provide or design the perfect shape for you.

We hope you have enjoyed our latest newsletter and videos. If there are any products you would like to see featured in upcoming newsletters, please send us an email or give us a call.

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