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eNewsletter August 2012

It's nearly the end of winter which means it's time to start planning your summer holidays! This month in our eNews, we look at "Gough Plastics on the Road". Four team members took to the road this month on their motorbikes in support of the Townsville Convoy for Camp Quality. Nearly $50,000 was raised by the record number of trucks and motorbikes. Thank you to Les, Kenny, Rob and Belinda for your support of this great cause!

We also celebrated another couple of milestones this month, so congratulations to Rachel in Environmental Sales and Admin for 9 years and Eddy our Oven Supervisor for reaching 10 years with Gough Plastics! Fantastic jobs! We hope you enjoy this month's eNewsletter which features our Hybrid Toilet System, the Dump-Ezy waste point, TrailPad and TrackPad and the ever-popular Rainwater Tanks. No matter which corner of Australia you live in or visit, there's sure to be a Gough Plastics' product nearby.

eNewsletter August 2012 - When Nature Calls

When Nature Calls

You may not realise, but chances are you have already used one of Gough Plastics' Hybrid Toilet Systems. Throughout Australia, this award-winning toilet system can be found inplaces like Mission Point, Carnarvon Gorge, the Bunya Mountains and Thredbo. Recently, CEO of Gough Plastics, Mr. Ian Gough, visited many sights in the Alpine Region as guest speaker at the Australian Alps National Parks Conference. As reported in our June newsletter, Gough Plastics has created a new ventilation system to help reduce odours, and there are always new improvements on the horizon.

eNewsletter August 2012 - On the Road

On the Road

If you are lucky enough to be travelling the roads of Australia in a campervan or motorhome, more than likely you have seen one of Gough Plastics' Dump-Ezy locations. In fact, every state and territory in Australia has Dump-Ezy sites to manage waste from portable toilets. Gough Plastics has a strong focus of caring for the environment, so helping to maintain Australia's pristine countryside is a high priority. You can visit www.cmca.net.au for a list of public dump points in your area.

eNewsletter August 2012 - Off the Road

Off the Road

Another way Gough Plastics look after our beautiful environment is by installing TrackPads and Trail Pads. TrackPads are designed to support vehicle access without damaging the natural environment, and TrailPads are designed to support pedestrian traffic into environmentally fragile areas. These photos show an installation of TrackPad on Fraser Island, and an easy walking path in Jourama Falls.

eNewsletter August 2012 - Remote Rainwater

Remote Rainwater

Next time you drive by a rainwater tank, have a look to see if it's made by Gough Plastics! Our range of rainwater tanks can be found alongside many homes, but did you know they are also helping to supply water in the mining regions such as Moranbah, Mt. Isa and Mackay? Gough Plastics believe that water is one of the world's most precious resources, which is why the safe storage, treatment and use of water is a high priority.

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