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eNewsletter August 2013


Following on from our last edition about tanks, tanks, and more tanks, we are proud to report that Gough Plastics has now installed its first billboard featuring - you guessed it - TANKS! If you happen to be driving along the Bruce Highway north of Townsville near Rollingstone, you will see our brand new billboard featuring a 3-D water tanker and rainwater tank!

But, as always, we like to make sure our customers realise that Gough Plastics is so much more than just tanks! So this month, as we reach the end of winter with its long nights and tall shadows, we feature our products that are 'long and tall'! Keep reading to learn more about our long MegaTrough, modular TrackPad, 2000L tall water tank, and Overlander Beltcover.

eNewsletter August 2013 - Long MegaTrough

Long MegaTrough

The name says it all… this product is long (6 metres) and Mega-Tough (if you take the 'r' out of the name!). When you need a trough that can hold 1,000L, is tough enough to stand up against a herd of thirsty cattle, but is still lightweight enough to handle and install by yourself, you need to check out the Gough Plastics Long MegaTrough.

eNewsletter August 2013 - 2,000L Tall Water Tank

2,000L Tall Water Tank

Even though our last eNewsletter featured tanks of all shapes and sizes, this one has a unique feature that makes it literally stand out! With a height of 2.47m, the 2,000L tall water tank is the tallest residential tank we make. Fitting nicely under the eaves of most rooflines, the taller height keeps the tank ultra-slim while still maintaining a 2,000L capacity.

eNewsletter August 2013 - TrackPad


Because of its modular design, TrackPad can be linked together to cover any distance!

Environmentally friendly from the start, it's made from a blend of recycled and virgin polyethylene powder. This internationally recognised product is designed to provide vehicle access while protecting the natural environment. The design features a pattern of holes which not only give load bearing ability and traction, but also offers stability for the surrounding ecosystem.

Panels, connector plates and locking pins are all plastic, ensuring a corrosion-free system which will survive any environment.

Used for roadways, river crossings, boat ramps and beach access points, TrackPad can also be used under air strips and helipads! Please view our video of TrackPad being made in our factory.

eNewsletter August 2013 - Beltcover


Conveying products across vast distances is nothing new in Australia. In fact, Boddington Bauxite Mine in Western Australia is credited with having the world's longest single conveyor belt which stretches 31 kilometres!

Gough Plastics' unique conveyor belt cover is perfectly designed to contain and protect anything along a conveying system. The modular design means installation and maintenance can be handled by one person. Each section weighs as little as 27kg, and flip-top access to the belt can be done from either side.

Beltcover is cyclone-proof, UV-stabilised, corrosion-proof and extremely long lasting!

Once again, we thank you for reading our latest eNewsletter. To counterpoint these long and tall products, we hope you join us next month when we feature some of our "small and handy" items! Make sure you sign up for our eNewsletter to have this delivered straight to your inbox.