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eNewsletter February 2014

Welcome back to the first Gough Plastics eNews for 2014! This is going to be quite an exciting year at Gough Plastics… it's our 25th birthday! Official celebrations will take place in September, in honour of Peter Gough who created the business in 1989, but we will be celebrating all year long! Each newsletter will share with you our latest celebration as we highlight what's been keeping the factory pumping. Also, be on the lookout for Celebration Specials starting in our next newsletter!

Last year at Gough Plastics was dubbed "The Year of YouTube" – we created many new videos which you can see on our website or a quick search on YouTube. This year we are christening "The Year of TV commercials". If you are in North Queensland, you may get to see us on TV! Gough Plastics will be getting some commercials on air this year, starting in late February. So if you see us on TV, give us a call and let us know what you think!

eNewsletter February 2014 - Welcome to our sales team!

Welcome to our sales team!

To kick off the new year, we would like to welcome two new members to our sales team: Georgia Marsterson and Robert Eagles. Georgia will be looking after our Rural sales and Robert will be focussed on Engineering.

Speaking of Engineering, this month's newsletter is all about some great new products being made by our Engineering Department! With our highly skilled design team and state of the art equipment, Gough Plastics can create almost anything! Keep reading to learn what's new with our water tankers, why we want algae to grow in our custom designed troughs, and how we're helping to protect the environment with a new dosing station!

eNewsletter February 2014 - New-look Water Tankers

New-look Water Tankers

Gough Plastics is always keen to respond to feedback from our customers. One of the latest requests was to create a grey version of our big tanks for water cartage. The result was fantastic! We have added a few photos of the new-look tank to our video, so please view our video to see the new grey tanks in action!

eNewsletter February 2014 - Algae growing in our troughs!

Algae growing in our troughs!

Polyethylene is renowned as a superior product since it does not rot or corrode and can resist algae growth. So it's a little ironic we were asked by James Cook University to create a trough that will grow algae! Our Engineering Department really can do anything! The freshwater algae being grown at JCU can be used for a variety of products from food sources to Bio-fuel. Gough Plastics is proud to be part of this research initiative.

eNewsletter February 2014 - Introducing ED400 Dosing Station

Introducing ED400 Dosing Station

The very latest product to rotate through our manufacturing plant is a chemical dosing station. Gough Plastics is well-known for producing tanks to capture rainwater, but in this instance, we needed to design something to keep rainwater out! Rainwater can cause all sorts of costly problems for companies and the environment if it mixes with chemicals, especially if it attracts wildlife or overflows back to the ground. So, in conjunction with Mr Gideon Joubert from Nalco, our Engineering Department has created the ED400 Dosing Station. Not only does it keep rainwater (and wildlife) away from the chemical storage, it cleverly contains any accidental spillage and allows for easy spillage pumping. This ingenious station has so many features, you'll have to view the video to see for yourself!

Thank you for reading our latest eNews. Make sure you join us again in April when we launch the first of our Celebration Specials! In the meantime, click over to our Facebook page where we just posted our first-ever Facebook competition! Our Facebook page also lists current factory seconds, so check it out and grab a bargain! Make sure you sign up for our eNewsletter to have this delivered straight to your inbox.