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eNewsletter July 2012

Thank you for joining us in our 2nd monthly edition. We appreciate the opportunity to communicate directly with our customers. We hope you enjoyed last month's edition where we looked at how customer feedback has helped us to improve some of our products including the domestic water tanks and conveyor belt covers.

This month, we showcase four new products in our range: the 3000L Slimline Water Tank, T900 Tuff-A-Box container, 30L Checkerplate Underbody Water Tank and also the 30L Checkerplate Underbody Toolbox. And remember, if we don't have something to suit you from our current range of products, we would love to work with you to create another innovation!

eNewsletter July 2012 - What a Water Tank

What a Water Tank

As we all know, water is a very precious resource. Many local governments now require rainwater tanks to be installed in new dwellings. That's why Gough Plastics has added this one-piece, 3000L Slimline Tank to its range. With its modern look and attractive range of colours, this new water tank will complement any new home. As with all Gough Plastics products, you can be assured of its high quality by our Australian Standards certification.

eNewsletter July 2012 - T900 Transformation

T900 Transformation

At first glance, the T900 Tuff-A-Box containers may not seem new, but take a look under the cover at the new features! There is a stronger, taller inner edge with rounded corners, giving better dust and water resistance. The new sealed rivets with backing washers are 100% leak-proof and offer extra tear-out strength. Plus an all-new closed cell rubber seal makes sure the lid seals tight! And to top it all off, so to speak, the lid now features a modern checkerplate surface. These new features are currently available in the Lowline T900 Tuff-A-Box, but be on the look-out as the features are introduced to the other sizes in this range.

eNewsletter July 2012 - Check Out Checkerplate

Check Out Checkerplate

Not only have Gough Plastics created a new size for the Underbody Water Tank range, but we have also significantly improved the look and style. Adding a 30L option to our range of Underbody Water Tanks makes finding the right one for you even easier! With a checkerplate finish on both sides, this water tank hasbeen designed to fit easily under most traybacks and trailers. Now you can carry your own water supply in the all-new Tuff-A-Tank.

To complement the new 30L Underbody Water Tank, Gough Plastics has also created a new 30L Checkerplate Toolbox. This new toolbox is designed to fit easily under the left hand side of most traybacks and trailers. It features a stainless steel lock to secure all your items, and a quality seal to keep out the dust and rain. Available in both Black and Grey, this Tuff-A-Box is the ideal storage solution for your ropes, straps, tools and much more!

eNewsletter July 2012 - Congratulations!


June also saw us celebrate some significant milestones in the office. Congratulations to Kenny our Fit-Out Supervisor for reaching 16 years on the job, and also to Industrial Designer David for clocking up 8 years! We hope you enjoyed the champagne celebration!

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