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eNewsletter June 2012

Gough Plastics has a proud tradition of being innovators and creating solutions for our customers. Each month, we will highlight some of our latest success stories. Our hope is that you will find how we can help improve your business. Our goal is to provide each of our customers with the best possible solution for their needs. And if we don't already have something available from our wide range of products, our aim is to work with you to create another innovation.

This month, we look at how your feedback has helped us improve various products in our range including the Hybrid Toilet System, our domestic water tanks, cattle feed shelters and conveyor beltcovers. Sometimes our modifications may be small, but each advancement brings with it a greater level of satisfaction for our customers.

eNewsletter June 2012 - Simply FAN-tastic

Simply FAN-tastic

After years of research and refinement, Gough Plastics has found a way to improve the quality of its award-winning Hybrid Toilet System. And the improvements benefit the users as well as the maintainers of the toilets.

Users of the toilet will be impressed with the new ventilator system. The new innovation sees the addition of an extraction fan combined with an odour filter to neutralise odours, releasing only clean air into the environment. Fresh air is continuously drawn down the toilet opening ensuring that any odour generated is expelled out the vent pipe and through the McBerns Odour Filter. The filters use a specially formulated media to capture sulfide gas and other odours and neutralize them by changing the molecular structure. Replacement cartridges are used when the filter media reaches saturation. The cartridges are safe to handle and easy to install.

Maintainers of this system will be impressed with its cost effectiveness and the ease of access to the ground-level fans. Two Fernco Couplings make it even easier to install and access the fan. The In-Line Fans are available in both 12 and 24 volt, and are fitted with a low voltage cut off switch and a timer to save on power. Prior to installation, the fan's motor is soaked with CRC Soft Seal to add further corrosion resistance.

eNewsletter June 2012 - Quality Connections

Quality Connections

Customers of our 5,000L Slimline Tank will be pleased to know they are now fitted with a WaterMark hose at the base of the cylinders. The stainless steel braided hose allows the necessary flexibility while remaining watertight. Customers can be confident about the quality of the plumbing, knowing the new connection hose has the WaterMark seal of approval.

eNewsletter June 2012 - Better Beltcover

Better Beltcover

It has only taken a slight modification to Gough Plastics' unique conveyor belt cover system to create cost and time savings for our customers. Beltcover now features a standardised bracket spacing to suit the standard steel modular construction. Each moulded section easily attaches to the conveyor belt, and the hinged system allows easy access for maintenance. Please view our website to see how this innovative product can help protect your materials and the surrounding environment.

eNewsletter June 2012 - Feed Shelter Feedback

Feed Shelter Feedback

Gough Plastics is always happy to hear from our customers about ways we can improve our products. Your feedback has helped us to redesign our LickRoof frame, giving it greater stability to protect cattle lick supplement from the weather. The new design is self-standing and will not twist or bend when bumped by cattle. The frame legs are designed to fit different sized troughs and can be cut to lower the roof for shorter cattle. We can supply the complete unit or you can purchase the roof, frame or trough on its own.

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