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eNewsletter June 2013

This month, we feature tanks, tanks, and more tanks! In fact, this month we're so into tanks, we gave one away at Townsville's Eco Fiesta and Smart Lifestyle Expo! Congratulations to David Porter of Mount Louisa who is now the proud owner of a Gough Plastics 3000L slimline tank, plus a Davey silver series pump, pump cover, and tank gauge level indicator. What a great start to creating an environmentally friendly home!

Many people often associate Gough Plastics with TANKS, and we work hard to make sure everyone knows that Gough Plastics is so much more than just tanks! But this month, we'll take a look at the vast variety of tanks available…and don't forget to view the videos!

We hope you enjoyed our last edition featuring the different shapes and sizes of the Gough Plastics product line. All eNewsletters may be viewed on the eNews page of our website, www.gough.com.au, so you can always take a look back at previous articles and videos.

eNewsletter June 2013 - Residential Tanks

Residential Tanks

Tall, short, wide or slim, Gough Plastics has the perfect tank to suit your needs! From our 375 litre oval tank to the 10,000 litre round tank, water storage has never been so easy…or stylish! For years, our key product development focus has been the safe storage, treatment and use of water – one of the world's most precious resources. Not only do rainwater tanks conserve usage of potable water supply, they also help to reduce stormwater runoff. Regulations were lifted earlier this year which required rainwater tanks to be installed in new dwellings, but water sustainability will always be an issue of vital importance, now and in the future.

Gough Tanks: The freedom to water your way.

eNewsletter June 2013 - Grey Water Transfer Tanks

Grey Water Transfer Tanks

Sometimes it's hard to imagine having a shortage of water when Australia has suffered through so many recent, severe floods, but regardless of current dam levels, water is truly one of the world's most precious resources. Capturing and storing rainwater is the first step in using water wisely, but grey water transfer tanks give us the ability to recycle the water we are already using. According to a report by Sydney Water, "Approximately 61% of total wastewater produced by an average household can be used as grey water." This comes from baths/showers (33%), laundry (23%) and hand basins (5%). Combined with a sensible garden design, total water usage can be significantly reduced without compromising a beautiful backyard!

eNewsletter June 2013 - Water Tankers

Water Tankers

Last month, Australia hit the population milestone of 23 million people. What does this have to do with water tankers?? Increasing need for more infrastructure! And where there is more construction and more roads being built, there is more need for water tankers. Traditionally, steel tanks have been used to cart water, but their excessive weight and lack of longevity makes plastic water tankers the obvious, cost-effective choice. In addition, plastic tanks absorb vibration, making it easier to keep control along bumpy surfaces.

eNewsletter June 2013 - Bulkezy


Using Bulkezy for molasses feeding is like having a tank and trough all in one! It takes away the need for your own on-farm storage facility and cartage equipment. Bulkezy can be direct filled in the paddock, taking the hard work out of feeding. The components are stackable and light-weight, making it easy to transport several at a time. Individual feed ports around the barrier mean less bullying around the trough, creating less mess and keeping your cattle cleaner.

"Tanks" for reading about some of our Gough Plastics tanks! Next month, we return to showing you how Gough Plastics is so much more than just tanks by stretching our product line to feature "long and tall" products. Make sure you sign up for our eNewsletter to have this delivered straight to your inbox.