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eNewsletter June 2014

Welcome to our June eNews! We're now half way through the year, and celebrations continue during our Quarter Century anniversary! We've certainly had plenty to celebrate over the last two months with the launch of our Rural Products commercial, extra TV coverage thanks to our Crocodile Transportation modules, an exciting win at Townsville's EcoFiesta, plus road testing our new Customer Service ute! And if you happen to be in the market for any of our Rural Products, then our current Celebration Special is just for you! Please keep reading to learn more about these great stories and to discover what you can get for FREE!

Celebration Special

Celebration Special

Our new celebration special is designed for anyone who buys a product from our Rural products range (the tan coloured buttons on our website). With each order, we will give away for FREE one of our Fence Feeders, but you need to mention "FREE FENCE FEEDER" when ordering. Make sure you get in quick because the offer is valid only until our current stock runs out!

eNewsletter June 2014 - Rural Products Commercial

Rural Products Commercial

"The Year of TV Commercials" continues at Gough Plastics and, as promised in the last newsletter, here is our new Rural Products Commercial! May & June are filled with Agricultural Exhibits and Field Days in North Queensland, so this was the perfect time to promote our Rural products. If you click on the link, you can see our MegaTroughs and WaterSmart troughs, BulkEzy and LickRoof, as well as the full range of FeedSmart troughs. Thanks once again to Jepson Media for creating this clever look at our collection!

eNewsletter June 2014 - Crocodile Transport Modules

Crocodile Transport Modules

One of our more unusual products recently played a starring role on the news! Well, maybe more of a cameo... The Gough Plastics Crocodile Transport Module is part of a new and innovative way for Wildlife Rangers to capture and relocate crocs. It's not every day you get asked to help design a product to make life more comfortable for crocodiles, but that's exactly what we have done! Mike Joyce, Wildlife Ranger with the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection, described the system as "a world first that will make croc catching easier and safer for rangers as well as less stressful for the animal." With a rounded base and inbuilt sprinkler system, not only are the modules easier to lift and handle, but they are also designed to prevent injury to the crocodile. Another great example of how we live our motto "Caring for people and the planet with a passion".

eNewsletter June 2014 - Hands On Wildlife Wins!

Hands On Wildlife Wins!

One of Gough Plastics favourite events to sponsor is Townsville's EcoFiesta, a free annual event that focuses on sustainability and the environment. For the last few years, Gough Plastics has donated a rainwater tank as one of the major prizes, and this year it couldn't have been won by a more deserving winner. Ranger Dan and his wife Jackie from Hands On Wildlife were delighted when they discovered they had won our 375L tank. "We use quite a bit of extra water with our animals, so this is massive, and we really, really appreciate it." Their mission is to "provide powerful, unique, and fun experiences which bring people and animals closer than ever before". Congratulations, Hands on Wildlife!

eNewsletter June 2014 - Customer Service Ute

Customer Service Ute

Customer Service is always at the forefront of a successful business, and here at Gough Plastics, we recently expanded our services available. Not only have we been investing in quality training for our tradesmen, but we have also invested in a fully-equipped service ute. This allows us to be on the road, ready to make repairs or help with installations. Here you can see one of our tradesmen working on algae troughs for JCU Research (for more information, see eNews - February 2014).

Thank you once again for reading our latest eNews. More celebrations are planned for our August issue, so please join us again then. If you have a story you would like to share to help us celebrate our 25th anniversary, please send us an email or give us a call – we'd love to hear from you! Make sure you sign up for our eNewsletter to have this delivered straight to your inbox.