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eNewsletter November 2012

This month, it is time for our customers to shine! With the variety of products available from Gough Plastics, we have customers in many industries. Keep reading below to meet cattle farmer Arthur Hobbs, TJM ‐Townsville Area Manager Glenn Englemann, National Park Ranger Ross Domin, and ATCO's Manufacturing Co‐ordinator Jackie Wilkinson.

eNewsletter November 2012 - Arthur Gets a Round

Arthur Gets a Round

Queensland is Australia's largest producer and exporter of beef, with cattle production found in all regions. Contributing to this strong sector is Mr Arthur Hobbs. Located just north of Townsville, Arthur runs a 10,800ha property with cattle and sugar cane. Arthur was the first farmer in Australia to receiveGough Plastics' new 1000L Round MegaTrough and, in his words, "It's excellent!". His favourite feature is the minimal weight of the trough. "You don't need a crane or tractor to get it into place, and it's easy to relocate," he said. The robust float cover is also a standout feature, because "with 20kms of pump line, you don't need cattle getting in there and breaking it". And when asked if it's easy to keep clean he remarked, "It drains out and there's nothing left". If you have cattle, make sure you check out Gough Plastics' new Round MegaTrough. And, yes, those are Arthur's good‐looking cows drinking from our great‐looking MegaTrough!

eNewsletter November 2012 - Glenn's a Star

Glenn's a Star

TJM‐Townsville Area Manager, Mr Glenn Englemann, knows a good product when he sees it. For more than 20 years, Glenn has been working at TJM, a supplier of all‐things related to Four Wheel Driving. When Gough Plastics launched its 30L Underbody Toolbox and WaterTanks, Glenn was happy to help us make our first ever YouTube video to promote it. See Glenn in action, and learn more about these terrific Underbody products - Water Tank Installation or Toolbox Installation. More recently, Glenn was one of the local agents who helped us perfect our newest product in the Gough Products range – the 25L WaterTank with Hand‐cleaner bottle. Customers have mentioned that having hand‐cleaner built into the side of an Underbody WaterTank would make it easier to use, so once again, Gough Plastics have delivered a high quality and stylish accessory for Tray Bodies.

eNewsletter November 2012 - Ranger Ross Relaxes

Ranger Ross Relaxes

Ross Domin is the Senior Ranger at Jourama Falls, Paluma Range National Park. For many years, he has been in charge of making sure this beautiful part of the world is accessible for visitors, however, Mother Nature doesn't always make it easy for him. The traditional name for the Paluma Range is Munan Gumburu, which means "misty mountain", and given its location approximately 90km north of Townsville, you can imagine the amount of rainfall it sees. As a result, it has not always been easy for Ross to keep the walking tracks in good condition. However, since he discovered Gough Plastics' environmentally friendly TrailPad, his job has been much easier. About 400 metres of the most remote section of walking trail at Jourama Falls is now secured with TrailPad, which allows visitors to access the area while minimising the impact to the walking surface and preserving the natural settings. Ross is very pleased with how the product is holding up and is confident it will stand the test of time.

eNewsletter November 2012 - Jackie's Joining Job

Jackie's Joining Job

It took some coordinating to complete one of Gough Plastics' latest successes, and Jackie Wilkinson, Manufacturing Co‐ordinator for ATCO Structures and Logistics was the one for the job. The challenge was to create a combined crib room and toilet facility as one, transportable unit for Sucrogen in Lucinda. Jackie was instrumental in getting the final product ready for delivery. By combining ATCO's experience in modular building solutions with Gough Plastics' expertise in the safe storage, treatment and use of water, the perfect solution was produced. In the past, holding tanks were located under the building, but with a few modifications, the water supply and holding tank are now secured together at the side of the building. This makes it easier to construct, transport, install, maintain and service! All in all, a win for the customer and the planet!

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