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eNewsletter November 2013

Welcome to the latest edition of Gough Plastics eNews! This month we will show you why everything is so Ezy at Gough Plastics! Within our fabulous range of products, you will find several items with 'Ezy' in their name, including Dump-Ezy, Bulkezy and EzyLicker. Keep reading to find out how these products make life a little easier!

eNewsletter November 2013 - Dump-Ezy


Australia is certainly the luck country! Our national parks and heritage sites are among the world's best, which makes it no surprise that we have a strong tourist market travelling the country in self-contained motor vehicles. To make the disposal of waste water easier, Gough Plastics has designed a user-friendly entry point for the waste stream. Every state and territory has Dump-Ezy locations, so it's easy to find an environmentally friendly dump point while you're on the go. Please view our Dump-Ezy video.

eNewsletter November 2013 - Bulkezy


While Australia may be the lucky country as far as beautiful landscapes go, trying to work and farm the land can be a different story! To make cattle feeding a little easier, Gough Plastics has developed the Bulkezy molasses trough. Bulkezy has fourteen individual feed ports surrounding a central floating barrier. How does this make cattle feeding easier? First of all, you can bulk-fill direct in the paddock into a 2300 litre (500 gallon) trough. Even with so much feed available in one place, there's no need to worry about the cattle getting in there and making a huge mess. Thanks to the floating barrier, you will have cleaner cattle and no waste! Plus, with a dry trough weight of 70kg and a 50kg floating barrier, it's easy to relocate Bulkezy as needed. Please view our video to learn more about Bulkezy.

eNewsletter November 2013 - EzyLicker


If Bulkezy is too big for the job you need, an easy way to transform your FeedSmart molasses trough into a clean and controlled system is by covering it with an EzyLicker! The EzyLicker is a floating single disc which helps to slow down your livestock feed-rate and also protects the feed from contamination. Two sizes are available one for a 750L trough and one to fit the 380L, 450L and 600L troughs. The EzyLicker is easy to use, never gets stuck on the bottom of the trough (thanks to the nesting lugs) and is an easy way to keep your cattle from overeating.

eNewsletter November 2013 - Easy as 1-2-3

Easy as 1-2-3

To paraphrase a quote from Walt Disney, "If you can dream it, WE can do it!" Gough Plastics has a skilful design team and the latest machinery to create everything from mud guards to mango tanks. It's as easy as 1-2-3! All you need to do is send us your idea or design sketch and we can prepare a quote based on your drawing.

Now you can see why everything is so Ezy at Gough Plastics! Thank you for reading our newsletter, and we hope our products can make your life a little easier, too! Please join us again next month for our special Christmas edition! Make sure you sign up for our eNewsletter to have this delivered straight to your inbox.