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eNewsletter October 2012

For the last several months, Gough Plastics has been delivering our latest news straight to your mailbox. This initiative was created to establish greater communication with our customers and we hope you have been enjoying our newsletters! So far we have discussed how customer feedback has helped us to refine some of our products (June), we have showcased some new products in our range (July) and we have looked at "Gough Plastics on the Road" (August). In this issue we hope to raise some eyebrows and hear, "I didn't know they could do that!" by highlighting some of the more unusual products we make and sell.

From the Cranefoot to Croc Boxes and Flower Pots to Floatation Devices, Gough Plastics can supply more variety than you would think possible! The professional team working at Gough Plastics has a proven track record in the research, design and manufacture of specialised plastic products. The ability to provide one-off and short runs of specially designed equipment has greatly enhanced our creativity and capabilities.

eNewsletter October 2012 - Cranefoot


The Cranefoot is a super heavy-duty plastic dunnage that serves as an outrigger pad for mobile cranes. It is designed to maximize load capacity whilst remaining light in weight and easy to carry. It has a built-in handle to make it easy to use, and is brightly coloured. No need to strain your back trying to place a big block of wood under the crane, just grab a Cranefoot!

eNewsletter October 2012 - Croc Boxes

Croc Boxes

You may have heard of Rhino Racks, but I guarantee they were not designed to hold Rhinoceroses! At Gough Plastics, we have produced Crocodile Tanks that actually do hold real Crocodiles! And at the other end of the toughness spectrum, we have also manufactured Fish Tanks for hatchlings. Always durable for the toughest job and reliable for the most delicate, products from the Gough Plastics range are unbeatable!

eNewsletter October 2012 - Flower Pots

Flower Pots

If you happen to be in the McKinlay Shire (Julia Creek region), you may see some very attractive flowerpots lining the main street. Yes, Gough Plastics was asked to design a large and robust flowerpot to help beautify the Shire. We were more than happy to comply and think our flowerpots are quite attractive! If you have a close look, you can see the McKinlay Shire Council name moulded into the top of the flowerpot. With some products, we are able to include your company name in the moulding process. The graphics never peel, crack, smudge or fade, and last as long as the product!

eNewsletter October 2012 - Floatation Devices

Floatation Devices

A new range of hose and pipe floats has just been released by Superior Plastech, the floatation specialists within the Superior Group company based on the Gold Coast. With an internal diameter ranging from 10mm to 630mm, these floats can support a variety of cables, hoses and pipes. They are used in many industries, including mining, water treatment and aquaculture. Although they are not made at Gough Plastics, we are more than happy to on-sell the quality products to our customers. For more information, visit Superior Plastech.

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