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eNewsletter October 2013

You may have noticed that October is a very popular month for recognising and promoting national causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Bullying Prevention, Down Syndrome Awareness and Cyber Security Awareness. Here at Gough Plastics, we love to support our community so keep reading to see what interesting items we have created or donated recently.

Tuff-A-Gear Range

But first, look what we found parked right outside our office the other day... a well-stocked adventure-mobile! Several items from our Tuff-A-Gear range help to make this 4WD ready for any adventure! In the photos, you can see our 30L Underbody Toolbox, our 25L Handwash Water Tank, and standing up against the back wall is a very clever use of our 70L Slimline Undertray Water Tank being used for extra water storage! With a quick look under the vehicle you would also find another 70L Undertray Tank to carry extra fuel. Thank you to Adventure Australia treks & tours for letting us show off your awesome vehicle!

eNewsletter October 2013 - Not too Old to Dance

Not too Old to Dance

In last month's eNews, we mentioned that we were making something for the Not too Old to Dance concert in Townsville. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a Rock-n-Roll Event, originally for over-40's but this year allowed all ages "if you can sing all the words to Khe Sanh"! Even in late September Townsville can be quite hot, so this year we made sure there would be plenty of shade around Tony Ireland Stadium by creating barrels sturdy enough to hold big shade umbrellas (and several refreshing drinks!) . Plenty of the Gough Plastics team could be spotted kicking up their heels and enjoying a great night of classic Rock-n-Roll!

eNewsletter October 2013 - Water on the go!

Water on the go!

October 16th is National Ride2Work Day, and cycling is a popular pastime for several members of the Gough Plastics team. Sometimes during big rides access to water can be difficult, and nobody knows water storage better than Gough Plastics! When our local Townsville Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club needed a way to supply water to its growing number of members, we donated a modified version of our 375 litre tank. Plenty of taps were added so several riders could access water at the same time. Gough Plastics has always had a focus on the safe storage, treatment and use of water, and we are happy to share this passion by supporting our community.

eNewsletter October 2013 - Saving the Turtles - MINT

Saving the Turtles - MINT

Another group needing assistance in our local area is the sick and injured sea turtles! Ever since Cyclone Yasi destroyed their main food source, local sea turtles have been having a rough time. The Magnetic Island Network for Turtles (MINT) is a community group that formed to take action for sea turtle conservation through rehabilitation, education and awareness. The MINT Turtle Clinic is 100% volunteer run and has been built on the generous support and donations of time, skills, products and money from our local council, businesses and community. To assist this great cause, Gough Plastics donated a 7,500 litre tank which is used as a header tank for sea water, and a couple of FeedSmart Troughs which, as it turns out, are perfect for holding sick sea turtles until they regain enough strength to be moved into a larger tank!

eNewsletter October 2013 - Think Pink!

Think Pink!

When you see the colour pink, some of you may think of the Pink Panther, others may think of Fairy Floss or Barbie, but when Gough Plastics started producing pink float covers for our new WaterSmart Troughs, Ian Gough immediately thought of the "Pink Ribbon"! In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Gough Plastics is planning to donate money to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for each Pink float cover sold from now on. We hope this ongoing support will help raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer research. So think pink!


UPDATE: We are happy to report that a formal arrangement has been made with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and one dollar from every pink float cover sold will be donated to support the NBCF's research programs.

Thank you once again for reading our eNewsletter. We hope we have inspired you to look around your community to see where you, too, can get involved! And we hope you also have a better understanding of why the Gough Plastics motto is, "Caring for people and the planet with a passion". Join us next month to see why everything is so Ezy at Gough Plastics! Make sure you sign up for our eNewsletter to have this delivered straight to your inbox.