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eNewsletter October 2014

Peter (Pedro) Gough

Welcome to the latest edition of Gough Plastics eNews. It is with greatest sincerity and most humble gratitude that we thank you all for your kind words and support as we grieve the loss of Peter (Pedro) Gough. Back in 1989, Pedro started Gough Plastics as a channel for his ingenuity and creativity, and he took great pride in seeing his three sons thrive with the family business. In honour of Pedro, and as we celebrate our 25th year, we dedicate this edition to seeing where it all began.

eNewsletter October 2014 - Factory Office

Factory Office

Pedro's first inventions were created in his backyard shed (and sometimes on the living room floor!). When the business got up and running, he moved into a workshop in Townsville. But after five years the company needed more space, so in 1995, Gough Plastics set up shop at its current location on Ingham Rd in Townsville. If you look closely at the recent photo, you can see a few more sheds have been added over the years!

eNewsletter October 2014 - Field Days

Field Days

There is no better way to meet customers and display new products than setting up a site at a Field Day! Our signs may be fancier now, and we have a few more products on show, but interacting with the community is still our favourite part! Last month we had the pleasure of being part of the inaugural NT Field Days at Katherine Research Station and really enjoyed networking with new vendors and agents.

eNewsletter October 2014 - First Product

First Product

It all started with a simple extractor hood. After living and working on a sugarcane farm for his whole life, Pedro knew there had to be a more efficient way to get things done. Not only did he develop a cane planting system that became the standard worldwide, but he also developed the first polyethylene extractor hood for use during harvesting. Throughout the years, hoods and liners have remained an integral part of the Gough Plastics business, maintaining the family ties to the sugarcane industry.

eNewsletter October 2014 - Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation

Gough Plastics prides itself on having great quality products, but that doesn't keep us from looking for ways to make things better! In fact, our very first eNewsletter was dedicated to how customer feedback has helped us to make improvements. One of the latest innovations to roll through our factory is the right hand side Underbody Toolbox. Here is our original toolbox and also how good it looks now!

They say you should only look back to see how far you've come. We hope you have enjoyed this look back to the start of Gough Plastics, and I'm sure you will agree, we've come a long way over the last 25 years! Thank you for being part of our story. Make sure you sign up for our eNewsletter to have this delivered straight to your inbox.