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Control your liquid feed consumption and slow down your livestock feed-rate with the new Ezylicker 1060

This tough, simple product is the latest innovative addition to the Gough Plastics Feedsmart range.

Innovation Patent No. 2003100803

How it works

The Ezylicker is a floating, single piece disc. Trials have shown stock feeding rate is reduced by up to 60%. The disc floats on the liquid feed and moves down into the trough as the feed is consumed.

The Ezylicker protects the feed from contamination such as birds drowning, dirt and dust. The disc is held off the bottom of the trough by the nesting lugs. This ensures easier removal of the disc and slower consumption of the residual feed.

Benefits include:

  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to install
  • Ezylickers interlock for easy storage
  • Easy to refill feed – just pour over the
    floating disc
  • No moving parts to clog or break
  • Feed contamination minimised
  • Fits existing Gough Plastics Feedsmart circular troughs F380, F450 and F600.
  • Fits circular troughs of similiar size