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Fly-Out Options

The concept of total removal of human waste from remote sites is not new. There have been many attempts, some successful and some not so at providing suitable products to achieve this desirable result. With ever increasing numbers of people venturing into ever more remote areas it is becoming even more imperative that we are able to deal very effectively with the waste that we as human beings generate. If we don't we defeat the whole purpose of allowing people into these places.

As large scale manufacturers of remote area toilet systems and ancillary equipment we have real hands on understanding of dealing with human waste in extreme circumstances.   What may be termed, as a standard approach is not always suitable or necessarily desirable in some circumstances.

With this in mind we have looked at those ideas that have been around for some time and attempted to improve on them and add our own innovative slant to them.

There are two primary drivers for us in the design of the units we have on offer here.

One is obviously total removal of product from the site. This means encapsulating the waste in an extremely robust container that has the capacity to be either flown by helicopter or where possible removed by vehicle. It is also important that the user of the product finds the toilet facility to be functional and user friendly particularly in this type of environment. If not people will opt for the bush and this is not our desired result.

Another alternative is to reduce significantly the flying weight of the product and concentrate on the removal of the vast majority of the liquid. The attached information details the options we have produced to this point.

Without wishing to sound trite we are fully supportive of treading lightly and leaving something of real value for our children, yours and mine. "We care for people and the planet with passion", we don't just talk about it, we try to do it every day.