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MegaTroughs - Heavy Duty Stock Water Troughs

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In the paddock since 2005, from Cooktown to the Curry,
from Charleville to Chinchilla!

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MegaTrough 3 Metre and 6 Metre
Code Description Width Height
FFAR800.3000.1 3 metre 770mm 450mm
FFAR800.6000.1 6 metre 770mm 450mm
FFAR800.2000 Floatcover (includes snap pins) -
Cover is 780mm long
FFAR800.5000 2" Connection Kit (see diagram)

Reference Chart

  3 metre 6 metre
Trough Weight 70kg 150kg
Trough Capacity 500L 1000L
Internal Ballast 200L (200kg) 400L (400kg)
* All troughs are made from UV. Protected Polyethylene.
CUT-AWAY-VIEW - Water Ballast Hollow Cavity
Water Ballast Hollow Cavity
FFAR800.5000 - 2" Connection Kit
2" Connection Kit


  • Pickup from town in your own ute or truck
  • Lightweight to handle & install by yourself
  • Unique water ballast system within the hollow cavity
  • Ballast makes it ideal for permanent installations
  • Easy to empty & relocate if required
  • Heavy duty ribbed design to handle being knocked around


  • Heavy duty floatcover
  • Drop down front & back ends to protect the float valve
  • Snap pin through 4 lugs to fix the cover down - no tools
  • Quick to take on & off to service or adjust the float valve
  • 2" Brass moulded-in inlet socket to thread fittings into
  • 2.5" Brass drain in recessed sump (below floor level)
  • Brass screw cap has rubber o-ring seal
  • 3/4" Brass threads for ballast fillers & drain (poly bungs)

Ballast System Ballast System Ballast System Ballast System

Gough Plastics Ballast System Video Please view our informative video on how the
ballast system works in our MegaTroughs