Ground Stabilisation Traction System

General Information

Tank Construction

Computer controlled rotational one-piece moulding is utilised to achieve a STRESS-FREE STATE in these tanks. Gough water tanks are designed for strength, practicality and durability.

The Material

Gough Tanks are manufactured from internationally sourced, specifically formulated polyethylene. This material has been developed and tested in the market place over many years for the manufacture of upright water storage containers. It cannot rot or corrode and is UV-stabilised for Australian conditions. It is also resistant to algae growth as a result of its formulation and NOT from any addition of fungicides. Substandard or recycled polyethylene is not used in Gough water tanks as this would be detrimental to the tank's overall strength.

Base Plumbing

There are two 50mm BSP (2 inch) brass fittings moulded-in for extra strength. These fittings are pre-drilled ready for use (see bung removal instructions). These moulded-in fittings are raised to prevent sludge pick-up and to retain sufficient water weight (approx. 1 tonne), an added benefit in making the tank more stable in exposed areas.

It is essential to refer to the Gough Water Tank Installation Instructions & Plumbing Guidelines leaflet before starting any plumbing or site installation.

Rainwater Harvesting Guide