Ground Stabilisation Traction System

Molasses Tanks

All Gough Molasses Tanks have a 1 year warranty.

Gough Tanks made for molasses are thicker walled to accommodate the higher stresses put on the structure due to molasses being of a higher density than water.
The following sizes are available:
Model Shape Capacity Diameter Length Width Inlet Height Wall Height Overflow Height° Overall Height
GT 10,000 L circle 10,000 Litres
(2,199 Gallons)
2.59m 2.20m 1.92m 2.10m 2.28m
GT 5500 L circle 5,500 Litres
(1,200 Gallons)
2.44m 1.33m 1.21m 1.25m 1.36m
GT 5000 L Tall circle 5,000 Litres
(1,122 Gallons)
1.75m 2.30m 2.14m 2.20m 2.35m
GT 5000 L Short circle 5,000 Litres
(1,100 Gallons)
2.05m 1.77m 1.60m 1.68m 1.82m
GT 3000 L circle 3,000 Litres
(660 Gallons)
1.60m 1.80m 1.63m 1.71m 1.85m
GT 2500 L circle 2,500 Litres
(550 Gallons)
1.60m 1.42m 1.28m 1.23m 1.52m
GT 2000 L Tall circle 2,000 Litres
(460 Gallons)
1.06m 2.57m 2.32m 2.48m 2.57m
GT 1500 L circle 1,500 Litres
(396 Gallons)
1.28m 1.35m 1.13m 1.35m
GT 1350 L circle 1,350 Litres
(295 Gallons)
1.60m 0.75m 1.62m 1.52m 1.52m 1.62m
GT 1000 L circle 1,000 Litres
(219 Gallons)
0.90m 1.43m 1.18m 1.34m 1.85m
GT 600 L circle 600 Litres
(125 Gallons)
0.82m 1.26m 1.15m 1.10m 1.26m
GT 375 L ellipse 375 Litres
(80 Gallons)
1.19m 0.60m 0.79m 0.77m 0.72m 0.79m

° Measured to bottom of overflow