Ground Stabilisation Traction System

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Tank Accessories

Tank Fitting Options Available

Molded in fittings
Weld in Female
Bulkheads (Brass)
Flanged Outlets
75mm, 100mm, 150mm
Valves to suit, including bellows

Quality Davey Pump Offer

Gough Plastics are proud to announce a special offer on Davey Pumps. These pumps are available at a discounted price with the purchase of any Gough Tank!

Silver Series SJ60-08PC

For Larger Homes:

Silver Series® SJ60-08PC

  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Factory-backed
  • Smooth running
  • Australian assembled


  Silver Series SJ35-04PC

For Medium Homes:

Silver Series® SJ35-04PC

  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Factory-backed
  • Smooth running
  • Australian assembled


® Silver Series is a Registered Trademark of Davey Products Pty Ltd.

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PolySlab Pump Cover

Pump Cover

Strong, light-weight and recycled and designed in consultation with Australian and International pump manufacturers.


Rain water harvesting -
Water Diverter

Water Diverter Image



Unlike homemade water level gauges that read back to front, the Levetator shows the actual water level. What you see is what you have. No gimmicks, no batteries, just a simple float/weight/pulley system.




This floating pole type water level gauge, protruding above the tank roof, is the choice for many tank owners. It is ideal for "cup and saucer" tanks. High above the tank the level indicator can be seen from far away, in every direction, night or day.

Lid Options

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
1. Standard
Leaf Strainer & Light Guard
2. Optional
Strainer & Threaded Lid, Non-vented

3. Optional
Strainer & Threaded Lid, Vented

Leaf Eater Advanced

Leaf Eater Advanced Leaf Eater Advanced

  • A compact, versatile Rain Head for quick and easy DIY installations
  • Patented single screen technology for advanced debris shedding (Clean Shield™)
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Pivot the outlet to suit vertical or horizontal (rear outlet) downpipes (VH Pivot™)
  • High flow rate performance
  • Superior catchment efficiency at low and high flow rates
  • A single mosquito proof stainless steel mesh screen with 0.955mm aperture