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A cattle feed shelter designed to protect lick supplement from wet weather conditions.

LickStand LickRoof Tilting LickRoof
LickStand with 450L RGB Trough LickSkid with 450L RGB Trough Tilting LickRoof

Features and Benefits

  • Sold as a complete unit or as individual components; roof, frame, trough
  • Roofs, frames and troughs nest together for transport
  • For shorter cattle, the frame legs can be cut to lower the height
  • RGB = ReGrind Black (recycled material), VGN = Virgin Powder

LickStand Assembly Instructions
LickSkid Assembly Instructions
LickRoof Engineering Drawing

Please view our LickRoof video

Please view our Tilting LickRoof video

New LickRoof, Frame and Trough Combo Video Tilting LickRoof Video

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