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Gough Water Tanks

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Round Tanks
Litres Diameter Height
10,000L 2.59m 2.28m
7,500L 2.25m 2.20m
5,500L 2.41m 1.52m
5,000L Tall 1.75m 2.35m
5,000L Short 2.05m 1.82m
3,000L 1.60m 1.85m
2,500L 1.60m 1.52m
2,000L Tall 1.10m 2.47m
1,450L 1.25m 1.32m
1,000L Tall 0.90m 1.85m
600L 0.82m 1.26m

Slimline Tanks
Slimline Tanks
Litres Length Width Height
5,000L Slim 2.60m 1.26m 2.10m
5,000L Slim Combo 4.50m 0.90m 1.85m
3,000L Slim 2.70m 0.85m 2.10m
2,000L Slim 1.65m 0.79m 2.15m
1,350L Slim 1.60m 0.75m 1.62m
375L Oval 1.19m 0.60m 0.79m

The freedom to water your way!

Gough water tanks are suitable for domestic, commercial and agricultural applications. They are very competitively priced and extensively developed and tested. Their generous material weight, exciting modern range of colours and minimal installation requirements easily make these tanks your first choice.

Tubular Dome Spaceframe



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Cyclone Season

Complement your renovation with a stunning centrepiece that will be the talk of the street - the F2,300 Trough transformed into a water feature.
F2300 Trough Water Feature