Ground Stabilisation Traction System

Dump Station Features and Benefits

Joining our Dump-Ezy family, the Dump Station also provides an entry point for all grey-water portapotty
and mobile toilet waste entering the waste treatment system.

With all the benefits of the Dump-Ezy, this innovative product allows for direct discharge to sewer and/or a holding tank while offering a convenient and safe stand-up or crouch-down pouring option.

The Dump Station comes off-the-shelf, is easy to install and includes built-in, simple and effective operational signage.

Dump Station Maintenance and Cleaning

Very User-friendly!

  • New pouring shelf at a convenient and ergonomic height to rest cassettes, prepare for pouring and clean-up.
  • New, easy stand-up-and-pour option for small, light-weight cassettes prevents users bending, reaching or crouching down to pour.
  • As with the original Dump-Ezy, there is a low pouring option for users of the large, heavy-weight cassette. Now with a compact base, there is less reaching and straining.
  • The low entry is also suitable for those who discharge via a gravity hose, such as motorhomes. Gravity hose conveniently inserts into the unit.
  • New shaped, steep-backed bowl prevents splash back.
  • New high funnel for a more concealed pouring experience.
  • The cap holder prevents the cap from being misplaced.
  • Comes statndard with Rubbish Blocka which prevents blockage by stopping unwanted items falling into the sewer pipe.


The unit is rotationally moulded from tough UV-stabilised, non-corroding polyethylene.