Ground Stabilisation Traction System

Dump Station Usage Instructions

Dump Station Maintenance and Cleaning
Cartridge Dump High


Cartridge Dump Low


Cartridge Dump

You may dump your cartridges in either the high or low orifice, depending on which you are comfortable doing for the size and weight of your cartridge. The lid will stay open while you pour the waste contents safely into the Dump Station.

Hose Dump High


Hose Dump Low


Hose Dump

The low side of the Dump Station accommodates gravity hose dumping. The drain orifice is 150 mm in diameter and can accept all hoses up to this size. To assist, the lid can be closed to hold the hose in position. The high orifice is not suitable for gravity hose discharge.

Wash Down High


Wash Down Low


Wash Down

Please hose down and the Dump Station using the adjacent hose installed by the site operator. The hose can be used to clean equipment, and leaves the Dump Station clean for the next user.

Close Lid High


Close Lid Low


Close Lid

When finished with the hosing down and cleaning of the unit after use, please close the lid to ensure the waste system is sealed. Optionally the lid can be locked by the site operator if desired.