Ground Stabilisation Traction System

Dump-Ezy Classic Maintenance and cleaning

The use of harsh, abrasive, anti-bacterial toilet cleaners is not recommended.The Dump-Ezy is the entry point for a waste treatment system, which is a living biological process. The waste is biologically broken down and reduced to a useful and disposable state. Anti-bacterial and strong chemical cleaners have the potential to kill or severely reduce the effectiveness of the living treatment system if poured into the unit.

The surface of the Dump-Ezy unit should only be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning products as follows:

Cleaning Method

The Dump-Ezy should be cleaned at least twice weekly with a soft brush and a septic-safe cleaning product. We recommend using a product called Bio Magic, available from Bio Magic Australia and Gough Plastics.

Mix Bio Magic in the ratio of 1:10 into half a bucket of water. Scrub all over the Dump-Ezy surface with a soft brush to remove all soiling. If required, use the concentrated Bio Magic to remove stubborn soiling. Wash down the outside of the Dump-Ezy with the same product.

Any remaining mixed cleaning product may be tipped down the waste. Hose down the general area.

Sludge Management

If your Dump-Ezy unit is connected to a septic tank, you will need to monitor the sludge level in the tank. A sludge gauge can be used to determine when the disposal is required and a regular interval can be established if usage is reasonably regular.