Ground Stabilisation Traction System


This Dump-Ezy product has evolved out of a need to provide a mechanism for dealing with waste from portable toilets in all sorts of mobile vehicles and boats. The more sophisticated offroad-type trailers and vehicles available now are allowing large numbers of people to venture into remote areas that have little or no supporting infrastructure. Additionally, large numbers of people are moving around in privately owned or rented vehicles with their waste on-board and will dump it somewhere, appropriately or not.

This type of portable toilet normally uses various chemicals to mask odour etc and can be highly detrimental to the bacterial processes found in waste treatment systems. The concentration level of these chemicals can severly affect the biology of these systems to the point of collaspe when heavily loaded, as can occur in roadside restrooms and caravan parks.

Hybrid Toilet Systems, septic systems, roadside restrooms, small treatment plants and council sewer systems all recieve waste from these types of units and the Dump-Ezy unit can be either built into these facilities or installed adjacent to these units. The other issue is that there are also many circumstances where no facilities exist at all and the result is that this highly undesireable waste is just dumped beside the road, creating a significant hazard to the enviroment and to people. Toilet paper littering pristine areas is not something that is acceptable to anyone. The Dump-Ezy unit and its optional downstream waste treatment and/or storage options provide an answer to this large issue.

Potential locations for the Dump-Ezy could be council sites, national parks, caravan parks, marinas, roadside stops, showgrounds etc.