Ground Stabilisation Traction System

Dump-Ezy Classic Usage Instructions

Usage Diagram

Cartridge Dump

Waste cartridge contents can be safely poured into the Dump-Ezy. The lid will stay open so that only one person is needed for the operation.

Hose Dump

Onboard waste storage dumping can be done directly from the vehicle to the Dump-Ezy using a flexible hose. The drain orifice is 150mm in diameter and can accept all hoses up to this size. To assist a single user, the lid can be closed to hold the hose.

Wash Down

Hose down the Dump-Ezy using the adjacent hose (this hose must be installed by the site operator). The hose can be used to clean equipment and leaves the Dump-Ezy clean for the next user.

Close Lid

Once the wash down has been performed, close the lid to ensure the waste system is sealed. The lid can be locked using a padlock if desired.