Ground Stabilisation Traction System


All installations should comply with AS/NZS 3500.2 Section 3.15.

Installation Instructions

Site Location

When selecting a site to install the Dump-Ezy Dump Station, consideration should be given to traffic in and around the area and any nearby features such as toilet blocks, tables, play grounds etc. Side access roads or isolated pullover bays are ideal.


Physical barriers such as concrete kerbing, metal railings, treated pine stumps etc. can help prevent vehicles from coming in contact with the Dump-Ezy Dump Station. These should be positioned in a way that still allows clear access for persons and hoses/cartridges.


Adequate signage should also be installed to make people visibly aware of the Dump-Ezy Dump Station.

Contact your sales representative for assistance.

Hose Wash Down

A tap and hose should be provided next to installations to enable wash down with each use. This ensures a clean unit is maintained. Please note, if a back-flow prevention device is installed on the hose cock, it will require inspection and certification under AS 3500.


Adequate drainage should be provided in and around the Dump-Ezy Dump Station to prevent infiltration from high rainfall, runoff etc.

Pipework and Fittings

Pipework and fittings should be checked as per standard plumbing guidelines. Fittings should be inspected for leaks at joints and tank connections.